FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I book online?
We search the major rental companies in Hungary and return to you with the best rates available.

Are there any special offers/discounts running at present?
All current offers are automatically returned in the booking engine search results.

What is included in my rental?
Our pricing is inclusive and our rate includes: - Collision Damage Waiver/CDW ,Theft Insurance, Liability Insurance, Airport Fee, Unlimited mileage, Breakdown assist.

What will I need to pay for locally?
You will need to pay the balance of rental per your voucher,(if you haven't paid it already at the time of the booking) and any additional extras.

What will the make and the model of the vehicle be?
We cannot guarantee a specific model, only the category is guaranteed. Please click on a car type to view all vehicles in that group.

Can I still rent with endorsements on my licence?
If your endorsement is for a minor speeding offence or a red light offence there is generally no problem.However, any drink driving or insurance endorsements will not be accepted and the rental will be refused.

I don't have my licence with me, can I collect my vehicle?
No vehicle will be released without an original drivers licence. Staff at the rental counter will not usually accept a photocopy.

What are age restrictions?
Age restrictions are set by the rental companies. This means that for insurance purposes the rental company may have a limit on the minimum or maximum age of the driver they can rent to. The minimum is usually 25 years and there is no senior driver's age restriction. Some companies also have a young or seniors driver's fee for specific age groups. All age restrictions will be in the terms and conditions of each rental, please click on "Rate details" and "Drivers Age".

Please explain what a voucher is and why I need one?
Your vehicle rental voucher is a document, which the supplier of your rental vehicle requires as proof of the previously agreed rate. It is imperative that you have it in your possession. If you do not produce your voucher at the time of collection the vehicle rental partner may ask you to pay more or refuse you your' rental. If you do not produce your' voucher details at the rental counter we cannot accept any appeal for a refund.

Can you fax me my rental voucher?
Sorry, we can only e-mail all our vouchers.

I've lost my booking number, how can I locate it?
Please contact us at, state your e-mail address you made the booking with and your issue, we will resend your voucher.

What do I need to collect my vehicle from the rental agent?
Upon collection of your vehicle the lead driver must produce the rental voucher, a valid credit card and their drivers' licence. Please note that all additional drivers must produce their driving licence.

Where can I pick up my renal car?
Our car rental suppliers' offices are at different locations in Europe, you can pick up your car at the car rental suppliers' rental counter or the car rental company's representative will meet and greet you at arrival and deliver your rental car.

Are additional extras available?
Additional extras are available. Some of these can be requested whilst booking your vehicle online. When you have selected the vehicle you want from the check out page it will present you the options available and the price. These are payable at the rental counter but cannot be guaranteed.

There is not a full pick up/drop off address for my rental?
The booking engine will contain only the basic booking itinerary details, on the confirm page you will see the pick up/drop off address. However your full booking details will appear on your vehicle Rental Voucher.

How do I amend or change my website booking?
Please contact us at, state your e-mail address you made the booking with and your Reference number with the amended times and dates and we will change them for you.

Why are flight numbers so important to provide to you?
If we do not have the correct flight details agents will not wait at the rental counter for you. If you have missed a flight or it is cancelled, please contact the rental agent directly as we cannot change any booking that commences within 24hrs. No responsibility can be accepted or compensation allowed for a failed rental due to the wrong flight details. The information you have given us is on your rental voucher.

How do I add flight details to my booking?
At the time of the booking you can add your flight details to it.

What is an out of hour's fee?
If the supplier decides to open a location outside of its regular hours to provide a vehicle for you, then they will usually charge a fee for doing this - this is called an out of hours. This fee covers the cost of staffing the location and is payable locally when collecting the vehicle.

Can I pick up/drop off my vehicle at different locations?
One way rentals are possible. They are incorporated into the booking process. If the booking engine does not offer a rate, unfortunately one way rental is not available.

How much is the security deposit I leave with the supplier?
Deposits vary for all vehicles. Please check the rental conditions on the quote page or your voucher to see the amount of the liability. A valid card in the name of the lead driver is required at the time of collection and will act as a deposit.

How do I add additional or extra drivers to my booking?
Additional drivers can be added on arrival at the rental office. All additional drivers must be present at the rental counter with their own drivers licence at time of rental, to sign the rental agreement. Once the booking is made the voucher should list the additional drivers in the extras section.

I made a booking but have not received a confirmation/voucher?
To ensure that you receive your e-confirmation and link to your voucher you are required to add to your address book. This will prevent your e-mail account from filtering out your e-mail confirmation and voucher as junk or spam mail. If you haven't received your voucher, please contact us at, state your e-mail address you made the booking with and your Reference number.

Am I able to take a vehicle cross-border to another country?
When you generate your quote you may view the cross-border policy in the rental conditions (please click on Rate details). If you would like to take your rental car cross-border to another country, please contact us before your booking. If you have already booked your vehicle please contact the rental agent directly, as sometimes only certain vehicles have the cross-border privilege.

Am I allowed to take your vehicles off-road driving?
No, this is never allowed.

If I book a child seat will this definitely be provided?
Child seats are mandatory and must be requested at the time of booking. Although instructions will be provided you will be required to fit the child seat yourself. For older children, it is recommended that you take your own booster seats. All child seats are on a request basis only. If requested and confirmed by the supplier at least 7 days prior to departure these will be guaranteed.

How do I request Satellite Navigation (SAT NAV) or GPS?
GPS can be requested whilst booking your vehicle online. When you have selected the vehicle you want from the check out page it will present you the option available and the price. It is payable at the rental counter but cannot be guaranteed.

What is a fuel policy?
At the booking stage of the online process (stage 3, after you have selected which car you wish to rent), there is a sub-heading of "Rental conditions" - under this section you can locate the fuel policy for the specific car. In general in Hungary, most car rental partners will provide a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental (for which a deposit is payable) and this will be refunded as long as you also return the car with a full tank.

Can I have a diesel vehicle?
We do not guarantee specific fuels in vehicles, unless the vehicle is shown to be diesel then a diesel vehicle cannot be requested. We suggest that, when you collect your vehicle, you ask the supplier if they have any diesel vehicles available within the category of vehicle type you have booked.

Insurance Excess
When you collected your vehicle, you were asked to leave a deposit to the value of any insurance excess, which may be charged by our car rental partner, if the car was damaged during the rental. If purchased at the time of booking, the LOSS DAMAGE WAIVER EXCESS REIMBURSEMENT INSURANCE (INCLUDING CAR RENTAL KEY REPLACEMENT COVER) would cover you for damage excess that you may be charged. This damage excess can then be reclaimed through , subject to their terms and conditions. Please read EXCESS REIMBURSEMENT TERMS AND CONDITIONS whilst booking your rental car.

How do I reduce the excess on the vehicle and can I take out additional insurances to reduce it?
You can purchase additional insurances to reduce the excess on the vehicle. This can be done whilst booking your rental car online or at the rental office on arrival. Please see rental conditions for specific rates for specific vehicles.

How do I cancel my booking?
To cancel a booking please click on the link below, or copy and paste the link into your browser address bar: enter your reference number and email address or please contact us.

How do I contact you in the event of an emergency?
You must contact the car rental company from whom you obtained the vehicle directly - all details will have been given to you at the rental counter.

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